About me

My name is Paul Maddison, I am a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of East Anglia in the UK and a fellow traveller on the road of Christian perfection. Throughout over thirty years working as a priest, I have found the benefits of spiritual direction to have been invaluable. As well as working in busy parishes I spent eleven years serving as a part-time chaplain in a leading transplant hospital, and for seven years I was in Diocesan administration as private secretary to two bishops.

For two and a half years I lived as a member of a Benedictine monastic community; unfortunately, health issues caused me to return to semi-retirement in the diocese. Having served for almost two years as chaplain to the Benedictine Grace and Compassions sisters at Great Barton near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, improvements in my health have allowed me to return to monastic life. I am currently exploring my Benedictine vocation with the community at St Mary’s Abbey at Buckfast in Devon.

I enjoy travel – especially to the Middle East, I am an avid reader, a competent gardener, a good cook, and I love spending time in the company of my family and friends.