Divine thread

….potential to become.

Welcome! Your search has led you here with the opportunity for us to embark on a spiritual journey together where, at your pace and tempo, we can explore what it is to have a loving relationship with the living God. Spiritual direction has been a vital part of my life for over 30 years and I am delighted to offer to accompany you on your journey.

Amongst all the strands forming the tapestry of our lives runs the vivid thread of divine presence. Too often our focus is on the reverse of the tapestry, seeing only knots and loose ends; together we will discover the other side, revealing its beauty, colour, and richness; becoming aware of that precious presence of God running throughout. Union with God is not something that needs to be acquired but realised.

Spiritual Direction is an open-ended gentle conversation, led by you, where we explore, ponder, question, reflect and freely consider your spiritual path. It is not therapy or counselling; we will explore all that you want to explore in freedom and confidentiality, mainly through reflective listening thereby discovering the spirituality given you as a gift from God.

If this sounds appealing, please read on, and discover more.